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As COVID-19’s reach and impact widened, we got to work making sure our VCA Associates had evidence-based guidance and importantly, the information, protocols and tools they needed to keep our clients, patients and teams safe. We deepened our digital capability and created pertinent video content to respond to a surge of client inquiries and concerns, drawing from the knowledge and expertise of our incredible team.

Reliable and Timely Communication

We are especially proud of VCA specialists’ work to help clients get questions answered even as the situation evolved. Our AskVCA video series featured VCA’s Veterinary Epidemiologist Dr. Anne Kimmerlein, MPVM, DACVPM, among other VCA specialists.

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Staying Connected With Trusted Knowledge

The pandemic hit everyone hard and fast, and our clients had a multitude of immediate questions. We provided timely, accurate answers by posting on multiple digital, web and social media channels as 2020 became the year that connectivity was the key to effective support of the entire VCA community.

By connecting with Associates and clients in innovative ways, we managed to bridge the social distancing gap and foster a community united by one essential thing—our love for pets.

At the outset of the pandemic, when the need was greatest, we immediately released a series of newsworthy FAQs via social media, ensuring our expertise could be shared and relied upon during a period of intense uncertainty.

This continued effort included posts that addressed common COVID-19 myths, and FAQs on subjects like “Can dogs get the virus that causes COVID-19?” Frequent posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook answered the most-asked pet-related questions from our clients. Our experts also conducted Facebook Live events on a range of relevant subjects—bringing our expertise and assurance directly into the home of our clients and all pet owners!

Informing, Entertaining and Amplifying Voices

We developed strategies to help owners enjoy and benefit from extra time with their pets. This included a weekly newsletter, featuring topics that educated and sparked joy—from health tips to fun pet games and quizzes.

Interactive playlists were added to our AskVCA channel including informative and useful videos such as “What Easy Tricks Can I Teach My Dog?” Also introduced, was VCA Voice, a community where people submitted and shared inspiring pet stories.

In a time of confusion and unrest, VCA was a source of knowledge, positivity and compassion. The goal was to entertain, educate and raise the bar on pet health at a time when people were adopting in record numbers and relying more than ever on the companionship of their pets!


Weekly newsletters reaching 1.5M Pet Owners weekly since May 2020

Engaging, educating and communicating on Facebook 440M impressions

Sharing our experts' knowledge 2M+ unique visitors on YouTube


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