Striving for
Better Outcomes

In 2020, VCA made substantial investments in cutting-edge technologies including stereotactic radiation therapy machines that can help eliminate the need for manual and invasive brain surgeries and other tumor reductions or removals. Innovations like this are necessary to improve the ability of our specialists to deliver safer, more effective and often less expensive treatments that extend the best lives of our patients. We are proud to be able to expand the knowledge and effectiveness of the entire veterinary field.

Contributing to Medical Innovation

The turbulent times of last year were marked with hope at the readiness of the Pfizer vaccine. One of VCA’s own, Matthew R. Gutman, DVM, DACVR of VCA SouthPaws VA, played an integral part in research and development of the vaccine. Generating a scoring protocol for pulmonary lesions using CTs and radiographs of primates, Dr. Gutman contributed to the Pfizer landmark paper on the mRNA COVID vaccine, published in Nature, the acclaimed research journal. We are proud of Dr. Gutman and his work, which has had a huge impact on the development and understanding of this important aspect of vaccine development.

Caring and
Carrying on

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